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A deep relaxation allied with an optitum skin nutrition in 45 minutes.

Inspired by the Tui-Na  technique, the exclusive professional treatment Nutri-Relax by Jean d'Estrées provides a unique wellness sensation. Tui-Na, essential foundation of the traditionnal Chinese medicine, helps the body to restore its natural balance.

Discover the nutritive and relaxing benefits of the treatment Nutri-Relax.

Enriched with shea butter, honey and jojoba oil: the driest skins are soothed and intensely nourished. Enjoy a cocooning treatment, a deep relaxation, a pure moment of pleasure.

Relaxation is total, the beauty result incomparable.

for that treatment, Jean d'Estrées took inspiration from the Tui-Na technique.

Tui-Na is part of the Chinese culture for thousand years.
Essential foundation of the traditional Chinese medicine
It helps the body to restore its natural balance.
It consists in deep and non-invasive massage of  the tissues.

Tui-Na considers the entire individual and the treatment is specifically adapted to the needs of each person. It is also a very good help to relieve stress, relax the body and the contracted muscles.
The technique consists in digito-esthetic pressures, smoothening and kneading massages that enable the relaxation of physical tensions.

How does it work?
Tui-Na massage works on specific problems but also helps to keep you in good health by increasing the blood circulation.
It eliminates blockages and stagnations caused by the loss of balance of the body.

Tui: push
Na: grab, pinch